Befriend Your Brain

Befriend Your Brain


Befriend Your Brain

5 day challenge


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Your Ego Is Not Your Enemy…

I’ve had countless conversations with people whose interpretation of spiritual teachings have led them to villainise their ego. They bought into the concept that it's something to strive to eradicate. This is as futile a task as wanting to be healthy and yet never to urinate again.

I personally love my ego. It's an aspect of me, equally wonderful and divine as all others.
Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. You can too, if you train it to be a faithful friend and support, rather than derail, your deeper Self.

It’s the conduit of your spirit

I recall a metaphor my co-Director Deb and I discussed: that of an electrical wire. Spirit may be the current but the human ego is the copper wire. And if the wire has been chewed away in places, how well can it possibly work? The body is like the rubber coating that insulates and protects the wire.

If we don't have quality thinking, we can't possibly conduct energy in the way our spirit would guide us to do. Fear and other nonsense will inevitably intervene and disrupt the signal. That is why we all need some form of brain training. So the mind can become the faithful companion of our spirit's true calling.

Forget transcending your thinking; BEFRIEND your brain instead

If you want to learn how to have a quality relationship with your brain so you can maximise whatever it is you desire in life - whatever success means to you - this is exactly what you’ll learn in this 5 day challenge.

I'm wondering if you've ever had any of these experiences:

  • Rocky relationships where you feel frustrated more often than fulfilled.
  • Feeling trapped in a situation you don’t enjoy but think you don’t have enough money to leave.
  • Looking in the mirror and thinking "ughhh" at the face you see staring back at you.

None of these experiences are ones that we desire, but most of us have experienced them at some point, haven’t we? I’ve certainly had

I’ve spent the last two decades studying the mysteries of the mind.

The integration of degrees in neuroscience, psychology, cognitive sciences and my training in yoga and taoist practices has equipped me to see things in technicolor in a way many people don’t. The result has been a sense of freedom and joy that is entirely foreign to most.

And that’s what I’m inviting you to do today. Because just focusing on the situation isn't sufficient. When we change our outer world- our circumstances - it doesn’t provide true, lasting change. I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say we’re in a relationship and we feel like that person doesn’t respect us, so we leave that relationship. Then what happens? We end up in another relationship where that same pattern repeats itself. Why? Because we haven’t addressed the real issue. Most can relate to this.

When I worked out that the cause and the solution
to every single problem was ME

First it was incredibly terrifying. And then second, it was incredibly liberating. Terrifying because I am the cause of all the issues in my life and it takes real courage to admit that and acknowledge that. It was also liberating because unless we’re willing to take ownership of something - total responsibility for something - we can’t change it.

Liberating because I admitted that it is actually my responsibility. Notice how I didn’t use the word fault because I’m not ascribing blame here. if I knew better, I would have done better, and I didn’t. Though I recognised it was my responsibility to make a change, if I wanted a different outcome, then I had to do something differently.

Responsibility means ability to respond. And I had to choose how I wanted to respond in that moment. So I made a commitment to discover as much as I could about the inner workings of my mindset so I could learn to enjoy life more fully. And that’s what set me on this path.

Having held space in over 5,500 brain training sessions
 in the past 6 years, I’ve seen a lot of patterns.

If you don’t frequently experience feeling fulfilled, content, a sense of quiet delight - dare I say giddiness and glee at the life that you get to lead - let me tell you dear: something is amiss. And the beauty is that something is within your ability to change.

But you can't do that without useful information to make those adjustments. That’s the first step. That’s why I’m inviting you to Befriend Your Brain.

Join me for the next 5 days and you’ll get…

  • One essential lesson each day that is crucial to cultivating this loving relationship
  • Tools and practices you can do to integrate these learnings throughout the challenge
  • Tips for how you can sustain these practices ongoingly for the rest of your life
  • A community of like-minded souls also committed to befriending their brains to support you throughout the challenge and

None of our lives are perfect until we train our brains to see the perfection in what’s there. This moment is perfect and the next one can be too, even if it’s perfection of a
completely different type. Life gets a whole lot better as we deepen in our own ability to appreciate perfection here and now.


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