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d3So now that you’ve read my bio, here’s the less abridged version…

I still struggle when someone asks me, “what’s your story?” Because I’ve got heaps of stories…

I could tell you about growing up as first generation immigrants in an Indian family in the suburbs of Washington DC. The story of my parents coming from India with nothing so that they could give their children everything – the hope of a brighter future – and the enormous amount of pressure I felt to be worthy of the sacrifices my parents made. How terrified I was of letting them down and not being good enough to live up to my potential…

I could tell you about how I felt being the only brown kid in a white upper middle class neighbourhood and how when I look back at my “self-portraits” from primary school they show me being thin and fair-skinned, with curly blond hair, and bright blue eyes. A far stretch from the overweight, acne-scared girl with thick black hair and a unibrow… So deeply had I internalised racism and self-loathing that I couldn’t possibly even consider the idea that I was beautiful, because in my worldview beauty was only something available to skinny white girls.

Perhaps I might share with you some of the ways that I was a precocious youngster… Whilst my peers were debating which Backstreet Boy was the cutest, I was having full-blown existential crises. “Who am I? What am doing here? What’s the purpose of life?” I’d stay awake at night and attempt to think my way through these questions.

You might want to know about my decades of suffering from depression and suicide ideation… My first suicide attempt was when I was 12. The second was whilst enrolled in the Leadership Training Institute, the prestigious high school program I participated in throughout secondary school… The third whilst enrolled in university (Oberlin College), when I didn’t receive a Fulbright Scholarship to fund a position at the Brain & Mind Research Institute. The fourth was the most devastating one because it happened after I had already expatriated to Sydney, and how could I want to kill myself again when I was living in my happy place?!

Or about how, in hindsight, I am beyond grateful for having lived all of those stories because I can appreciate what a blessing each of those experiences were for creating some powerful contrast. I cannot thank my earlier Self enough for curating that for me.

I often share the story of how fearful I felt about the idea of establishing the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute. In my soul I knew it was the work I felt called to do in the world. But I wasn’t ready yet! I wasn’t old enough and I didn’t have enough qualifications. Despite completing degrees in neuroscience, psychology, and cognitive sciences, I felt like I couldn’t start until I had learned everything there is to know about the brain and consciousness. So I studied everything from yoga to transformational coaching. And the more I learned, the more I realised there was to learn, which was so overwhelming!

Ohhh, can I please tell you about meeting my soulmate, Michael? The synchronistic and surreal way in which The Universe shoved my previous partner Kevin out of the way (by way of another woman) to make space… The way I grieved the end of our 7-year partnership – sitting in the pain and heartache whilst knowing this too is a gift. Tears streaming down my face, walking down the streets of my neighbourhood muttering to myself under my breath “I’m ok. I’m ok. I’m ok. I’m ok…” like a mantra until I believed it.

Once upon a time, I thought these stories were true. Now, I see them as versions of the realities I once lived. The stories themselves haven’t changed – but my attachment to them definitely has. And whilst they may have been the truth of my experience at the time, if there’s one thing I know with absolute certainty it’s this: we create our experience of reality. And the experiences we create are a reflection the unconscious assumptions we hold and of our mindset at that time. Tweak those two variables in any way and WHOA – the whole story changes, doesn’t it?

d2In my heart I know that my story is pretty similar to your story (at its core). Sure the content and context may vary significantly, but the structure remains the same: we’re doing the best we can with what we’ve got. Sometimes it might feel hard and stressful, or we feel stuck and wish our lives were different. Maybe we see other people and think they have something special that we just don’t have…

I see so many people trying so hard to be successful. SO HARD. And more often than not, they don’t have useful tools or frames… It’s a bit like digging a trench with a spoon instead of a shovel. It’s exhausting. I recall how I felt when that was my experience. I reconnect with my struggling Self. And I remember that you’re just me in another body.

I consider myself a catalyst for transformation. Thanks to the radical contrast I have lived, there’s only one thing I know with certainty and it’s this: change your mind, and you change your life. My transformation was catalysed by countless others, and it’s my turn to pay it forward. I’m here to help you reinvent reality.

My current story, dear reader, is that you and I are connected. Not just by the words on this screen that my fingers have typed, your eyes have seen, and your brain decoded, but by something far more potent and powerful – the energy that fills each of us, and unites us all as one family. Each of us unique, though all interrelated and the same, like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. And for you to have found yourself here, at my “virtual home”, is noteworthy, isn’t it? I mean, you could be anywhere right now in this moment, and you’re here! And that’s so very special to me. I have so much more I could say, and so I invite you to connect with me here by joining the community, and I’ll continue to share my (ever-evolving) stories with you.

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon see that I’m most passionate about supporting each person finding their way back to their truth – the knowing that lingers and whispers inside their being. For me there’s nothing more fulfilling than bearing witness to someone sitting comfortably in the fullness of themselves.

And whilst my story has been called inspiring, (Inspire literally translates to breathe in. In that case, yes, I am inspiring. You are too, aren’t you? 😉 I’d really love to be conspiring (to breathe with)! I welcome you to share your stories with me too. Since I see you as a reflection of me, the more I know about you, the more I learn about me too. And thanks for reading this, love, and joining me on the journey!

Feedback about Divya’s Coaching

I was initially a little skeptical since I’ve spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on coaches, courses and I wondered what Divya would be able to do for me. However after just one session with Divya I could feel the shifts starting. It’s not been about learning new things but rather identifying the true me and doing what I already know. I can say now since working with Divya now for a number of months, I’m feeling on purpose, have the ability to remain calm and centered and can quickly clear my head of the clutter when I need to. My business is flowing smoother than it has in years, my personal happiness is up, and I’m doing so much more of what I already knew to do but hadn’t been doing consistently. Thanks so much Divya for asking the right questions and helping me get and stay on path. ~ Carl Taylor, Automation Agency


What a beautiful experience Divya delivered to me during her coaching session. She created a relaxed, intuitive, safe and caring environment for me. Her voice transported me inwards to a deeper space within where I was able to expand my consciousness and escape the confines of self-doubt and limiting beliefs. I feel liberated – thank you so much Divya! ~ Justin Cooper, Unleash Your Beast


My experience of life is more focused, inspired, centered and at ease… I felt like I had been given a good nudge back to the path that I sometimes stray from, but which I know puts me where I want to be, and how I want to operate in the world around me. I found myself better able to be in the present moment during my work, and therefore better able to serve my clients. I also found that most day to day stresses I was readily able to identify as just that – mundane, everyday, and not worth worrying about; sometimes even amusing. Thank you! ~ Jan Hosowicz, Massage Therapist


I was able to reflect clearly on the problem and with her guidance, delve into the core issues and find reasoning for why and how they had come to be in my space. It was relaxing and yet I feel I did some productive personal work as well. I left feeling clear, optimistic, peaceful and grounded in myself, and glad that I had come to some solutions that I could act upon. ~ Colleen Keith, Freelance Graphic Designer at CK


I had the chance to meet Divya during the Centre for Sustainability Leadership program and I was from the start very interested about the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute. After attending a workshop, I decided to join the program.
Divya is a remarkable and caring coach, who knows how to hold a loving and trustful space, guiding me with the wisdom she collected. I truly appreciate her authenticity, warmth and open heart, and as a clear mirror, she also teaches me to find the answers inside myself and connect with my intuition. Our collaboration is enlightening and productive, providing me with the right tools, knowledge and advice that help me be more centered and grounded, enabling me to have access to my whole potential.
Divya is someone who walks the talk and lives fully her passion, continuously expanding herself on her own journey and helping others on theirs with expertise and mindfulness. I would recommend her to anyone who’d like to transform themselves in a deep and meaningful way. ~ Yoann Bretonnet, Digital Marketing Manager


Before I came to Divya I was experiencing a sense that what I really wanted in life was not the way I was living at the time, and that maybe I could possibly have some of those things I’d almost been too afraid to admit to myself that I wanted. However I wasn’t sure where to start, so when I heard about divya’s work on fb I felt somehow she could help. During our sessions I discovered more about how my brain works – why its easier to keep repeating the same behavior, why we resist change, and why its so easy to dwell on the negative. I also learnt how to overcome these, and simple ways to ‘trick’ my mind, as well as retrain my thinking. This is the part of the program that my mind can make sense of, however I also learnt something else, which I wouldn’t have thought possible, and which came as a surprise when I noticed the change inside me. I learnt to love myself. All those emotions that I share so freely with others – celebrating their achievements, delighting in their company, forgiving their mistakes and seeing so much potential – I learnt to give these to myself too. I still struggle with this frequently, but it is transformational. Since then learning to love and accept and forgive myself has transformed in my world. It has meant I’ve gotten much more out of the other, more intellectual aspects, of the program. I’ve pursued things that I’ve long desired but had always felt I somehow couldn’t do or have, and I’ve realised I can have whatever I want – as long as I keep working at it. As I’ve achieved things that I had wanted so much before, I’ve also realised that there is always more to learn, and new goals to aspire to. I’m excited about what the future can bring, and where I want to go. ~ Louise Barnes, Disabilities Support Services


Before coming to Divya I was feeling overwhelmed. I had a lot of stress and felt trapped with mounting pressures and social obligations.
During our sessions I discovered that while there was a lot of things I couldn’t control in my life I could control how I feel. This was something that I always knew in my head but I didn’t know in my heart and Divya showed, me and helped me experience the process of turning my view around. This ability has changed my life. It is no longer theoretical knowledge it is practical everyday knowledge, and I use it everyday. I cannot thank Divya enough, and I would recommend her services for everyone who struggles with the demands of hectic modern life. ~ Claire Marshall, Writer & Sharing Economy Specialist

When I came to Divya I was feeling like I was stuck in a rut. I wanted to change my life and in particular pursue a career in something that I loved but I was struggling with how to go about this.
During the program I learnt how to set goals that were specific, achievable, had a reason behind them and had time frames around them. I realised the importance of starting small and being able to visualise myself achieving my goals.
I also learnt the importance of meditation, even if its 5 minutes a day (something is better than nothing!). Just having that time to sit quietly and clear my racing mind has helped me greatly.
I’ve also learnt to recognise my patterns of sabotage, especially when it came to taking that next step in pursuing my dream career.
I discovered that I focus too much on what is lacking in my life and that I place too much importance on what others think. I’ve also discovered that I compare myself to others (my path in life is my own!).
I’ve realised that I am stronger than I thought and that it’s never too late to change your way of thinking.
Now I am feeling a lot more positive about my future and more content with my present life. I have put steps in place to achieve my goals and am ready to take the next step in pursuing my dream career. ~ Katherine Wicks, Health & Nutrition Specialist


My own self-confidence was not translating into success. That was the situation I found myself in. Additionally, my effort was not taking me where I wanted to go. Certainly not fast enough. When I had the opportunity to meet with Divya Hemnani, I quickly decided to engage in coaching session with the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute. Every single session I had with Divya produced breakthroughs in thinking, mindset, and actions. As a result of her training, I am calm, focused, less stressed, and easily able to transition others into those states. My business is now growing in ways I had always envisaged. Mindset is everything. If you have the right mindset, you can achieve anything. Thanks Divya. ~ Wendy Lloyd Curley, Network Marketer, Musician, Trainer, and Author


Divya enabled me to look at (amongst other things) various beliefs I had about myself that were limiting my ability to reach out to the people I needed to meet for my business. Providing a safe space in our one to one work to explore the possibilities of new realities was a real gift. I have had many coaches and therapists but Divya’s ability to be that mirror and enable me to take charge of my own work was wonderful. ~ Kate McConville, KwikKopy Auburn Owner


Before I came to Divya I was very negative and procrastinating a lot with many aspects of my life. I was unhappy in my work and with myself as a person. During our sessions I discovered that I can enjoy and learn from unexpected incidents that happen in my life and that they are usually happening for a reason. I have learnt so much more about myself and my capabilities. Since working together with Divya I have gained a lot more confidence in my abilities and sense of self. I am feeling great and enjoying life much more than before, even when things don’t necessary go my way, I don’t let it upset me like I would have before. Divya has always been very present and supportive and encourages you to look at yourself in ways you would never have thought of before. I highly recommend her. ~ Michelle Svenger, Graphic Designer at Svengali Design


I want to thank you one more time, Divya. You have changed my life. It keeps getting better every day! My students are appearing. People want to share my love. It is awesome. Because of you I realised how knowledgeable, smart and loving person I am. It is such a great feeling to get out of my shell and just be the real me. That is such a powerful feeling when you know that you can spend the rest of your life being truly happy. I am not pursuing my happiness anymore. I am happy already. The whole world is different now. Even though is the same world but it’s not the same at all because I see everything differently. You are the best. You know what I realised? There are so many so called ‘coaches’ in the world. But you are not a coach. You are just a great person and you emanate good energy and just pure goodness. You don’t have to make people change. You are the change. I love your saying ‘ just be’. That’s what you do. You just are. Thanks a lot. I still state that my words cannot describe my gratitude (but I will try anyway)! Thanks so much for being such a special person in my life. ~ Marcin Paszkowski, Coach & Blogger at Marcin Loves



Feedback about Divya’s Training

Divya is an excellent speaker and trainer. I have been to several of her talks and have left inspired and intrigued every time.
Divya is a very important leader in more than one way. She is guiding people to be the very best version of themselves in a way that is gentle yet very powerful.
I look forward to seeing her inspired message, supportive energy and effective techniques spreading to all corners of the globe. She is one to watch! ~Kathy Divine, Author & Publisher


I have great confidence in Divya’s technique because it is based on solid research on the brain. She has an innate trust in people’s capacity to grow and develop in the direction their soul is calling for. She supports their journey by lovingly challenging them and enabling them to access the strength they have inside. Whatever you are struggling with personally, Divya can be of great help.  ~ Ina Willman, Human Resources Professional



enLIGHTen UP : Emotions

enLIGHTen UP: Emotions

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