“I felt like I had been given a good nudge back to the path that I sometimes stray from, but which I know puts me where I want to be, and how I want to operate in the world around me.”

~ Jan Hosowicz, Massage Therapist

“I discovered more about how my brain works – why its easier to keep repeating the same behaviour, why we resist change, and why its so easy to dwell on the negative. I also learnt how to overcome these, and simple ways to ‘trick’ my mind, as well as retrain my thinking.”

~ Louise Barnes, Disabilities Support Services

“My business is flowing smoother than it has in years, my personal happiness is up, and I’m doing so much more of what I already knew to do but hadn’t been doing consistently. Thanks so much Divya for asking the right questions and helping me get and stay on path.”

~ Carl Taylor

“It is no longer theoretical knowledge it is practical everyday knowledge, and I use it everyday. I cannot thank Divya enough, and I would recommend her services for everyone who struggles with the demands of hectic modern life.”

~ Claire Marshall, Writer & Sharing Economy Specialist

“I’ve realised that I am stronger than I thought and that it’s never too late to change your way of thinking.

Now I am feeling a lot more positive about my future and more content with my present life. I have put steps in place to achieve my goals and am ready to take the next step in pursuing my dream career.”

~ Katherine Wicks, Health & Nutrition Specialist

“As a result of her training, I am calm, focused, less stressed, and easily able to transition others into those states. My business is now growing in ways I had always envisaged. Mindset is everything. If you have the right mindset, you can achieve anything.”

~ Wendy Lloyd Curley, Network Marketer, Musician, Trainer, and Author

“I have great confidence in Divya’s technique because it is based on solid research on the brain.”

~ Ina Willman, Human Resources Professional

“Divya is an excellent speaker and trainer. I have been to several of her talks and have left inspired and intrigued every time.”

~ Kathy Divine, Author & Publisher

“I left feeling clear, optimistic, peaceful and grounded in myself, and glad that I had come to some solutions that I could act upon.”

~ Colleen Keith, Freelance Graphic Designer at CK

enLIGHTen UP : Emotions

enLIGHTen UP: Emotions

Many people believe that we’re thinking beings that occasionally feel but the reality is we’re feeling beings that occasionally think. Life becomes much simpler and more enjoyable when we learn the language of the unconscious and understand what our emotions are communicating to us. Enter your email address below and we’ll send you the episode on Understanding Your Emotions.

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