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What's Your Success Code?

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​Just Imagine...

​Arriving at the airport counter with no idea of where to go, no ticket, no luggage, no clothing, no passport, no currency or credit card - zero preparation. That's crazy, right! We wouldn't consider doing this for a day's travel, let alone a lifetime's journey.

I didn't dare do this when I went on a zipline adventure in the US at Robert Redfern's property. Before hanging off a cliff face on a wire for 4 kilometers on my own would I have considered just reading a book or taking advice from someone who'd done it? Not a chance!

I had a structured training program to develop my skills and experienced guides that stepped me through the process all the way, giving feedback on how I was doing.

Yet many of us don't have even this for our most important journey... Life. Sure, we get some road map for life: go to school, get a degree, a job, a partner, house, kids and save for retirement. But many of us have followed that recipe and found unfulfilling results (i.e. disappointment, frustration, stress, hit and miss success).

Your Success Code was created to put a stop that. So you don't spend years of your life just getting by - creating average results when what you really desire is to be wildly successful.

Let's be clear here: we mean success on your terms - designing the life that truly lights you up inside.

​Are you over being overwhelmed with the struggle to juggle all the bits of your busy life?

Have you ever secretly wish you had a shortcut guide for designing a wildly fulfilling life on your own terms and the energy to see it through to creation?

Do you see others creating success with ease and wonder, "WTF do they know that I don't?"

​We get how tiring it is trying to work out life by trial and error with no instructions.

We get how frustrating it is to be given lots of different advice that works for others but doesn't help you be you.

And we get that it's hard trying to fit it all in, ticking all the boxes:

  • ​Su​​​​cceeding at work
  • ​Making en​​​​ds meet financially
  • ​Being a​​​​ brilliant parent, partner, friend, and community contributor

That’s why we’ve designed Your Success Code (YSC) to support you in discovering and embodying the tools and techniques that help you live your best life.

Why Your Success Code?

  • ​Rather than wasting time and effort with the trial and error you’ll learn a results focused mindset,
  • ​Rather than feeling ‘time-poor’ you’ll have more time and be more productive,
  • ​Rather than being overwhelmed with too much to do you’ll have improved work performance,
  • ​Rather than being frustrated with interactions you’ll understand what make people tick,
  • ​Rather than being annoyed by other with negative emotions you’ll be able to respond resourceful,
  • ​Rather than being knocked sideways by negative events and behaviors from other you’ll have resilience,
  • ​Rather than feeling frustrated with other you’ll have improved communications and influence,
  • ​Rather procrastinating you’ll have effective self-motivation strategies,
  • ​Rather than doubting yourself you’ll be appreciative of your personal growth – your unique gifts,

Why Your Success Code?

Your Success Code is a weekly mindset training program that equips and guides you to being more successful in many areas of life. The overarching metaphor is preparing and equipping you with the indispensable travel items you need for life's journey: direction, luggage, clothing, maps, currency, a translator and passport.

The program is based on years of research and experience gained from thousands of coaching sessions. It's a fusion of brain science, neuro-linguistic programming, and ancient wisdom but presented in simple, practical and understandable weekly learning experiments.

​Each week in aiding you to discover YOUR Success

Code, you'll access:

​Quality learning materials - each module (an Indispensable mindset tool) - is developed via a series of 50 Focus Sheets - just one per each week. This design fits adult learning principles of layering learning and ensures there is never information overload, overwhelm, burnout. Each Focus takes about 10 minutes to read or listen to so it’s accessible to even the busiest professionals. Audios that are akin to a podcast and the focus activity is integrated immediately into your daily activities.

​Just as when we commit to improving our health we might get a gym buddy, the YSC program has a system and process to facilitate having a buddy walking alongside you every step of the way. You can enroll with a friend during one of our 2for1 intakes or we can pair you with someone.

​Real-Time Coaching support via WhatsApp so you can rewire your brain in real-time as situations arise. This is one of the most powerful parts of this program because it enables you to reinforce your desired states quickly and effectively.

​Weekly live group coaching sessions, called Life Labs, are held 3 times per week (morning, evening, and afternoon) to make it easy for anyone to dial in from anywhere.

​debMaes & Div Darling as your personal Brain Trainers & Mindset Coaches, journeying alongside you the whole way.

A community of like-minded adventurous Excellence-seekers dedicated to continuous growth... We never know what amazing collaborations emerge from those connections.A community of like-minded adventurous Excellence-seekers dedicated to continuous growth... We never know what amazing collaborations emerge from those connections.

​Access to both updated learning materials and membership to the community is for the lifetime of the program, so program participants never again need to feel unsupported in facing life or career challenges.

enLIGHTen UP : Emotions

enLIGHTen UP: Emotions

Many people believe that we’re thinking beings that occasionally feel but the reality is we’re feeling beings that occasionally think. Life becomes much simpler and more enjoyable when we learn the language of the unconscious and understand what our emotions are communicating to us. Enter your email address below and we’ll send you the episode on Understanding Your Emotions.

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