Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Why NLP?

We all have daily struggles. Interactions with certain people we know we could do better. And things we feel we wish we could change but never quite seem to be able to. We’re taught the only way forward is the stress and struggle of forcing ourselves to change our behaviour. But what if there is another way?


NLP bypasses upward struggle of forcing ourselves to change. Instead you can use the skills and activities we teach you to allow change and transformation to occur naturally from your body and your mind.


But if a better easier life isn’t what you’re looking for then bare in mind that NLP is taught in MBA programs and is used by the greats of almost all businesses. Whether you want to become a better salesperson, inspire those around you to work harder, or simply have more effective workday then NLP can help you.


NLP Practitioner training is not your average weekend of transformative learning. You won’t just walk away on a high for a couple of weeks feeling great. And then a month later fall back into old habits you were trying to escape. The difference is that we are not just helping you in the moment but filling your toolbox with everything necessary to do forward and build the life you want. By no just taking you through the activities but also teaching you how they work and how to do them every day of your life.


What we’ll learn

How to create a better reality

Learn not only how our senses combine to create a reality but also how to take control of how you perceive the world. This will teach you how to truly communicate with others and always bring them on side.


This is the idea of perception is projection and if you want to learn a little more you can click HERE.


Tools for better interactions

It’s easy to have conflict with others, not just because of what they say but how you hear it. The Meta Model will help you uncover how you interpret others behaviours. More importantly, it will help you find new ways of receiving their behaviour so that you can move through the once stressful situation with ease.


This questioning model we teach you empower you to construct your world, as you want it. And better ask questions of others to understand where they are.


The importance of word choice and how we can use it

We’re all taught the importance of word choice, but do we realise that the language we choose is shaping our experience. It can be a hindrance but it can also be the key to revolutionising your self. You will learn how to craft you thoughts with specific ways of talking that will free you from what holds you back.


Perceptual filtering and how to change our filters

Have you ever had that moment, when you experience the same thing as the person next to you, but you notice completely different things and have a completely different reaction?


This is our filter; how our past experiences shape our current. And we can create new filters, perceptual filters. Understanding these perceptual filters – known as metaprograms – will not only help you understand how you’re processing the world. But also allow you to truly see and empathize with others in their experiences and create better connections.


When one person remains in a detail orientated mode but you want to look at the big picture, you can learn how to join them so that you can bring them back to your point of view and what you want.


Reframing to change past memories

“Just look on the bright side!” is never helpful. We al have memories of situations that no longer serve us and yet they return to us consistently and disrupt our day. Trying to force away the memories, ignore them or cope with them are the suggested strategies and only mildly helpful.


Reframing will allow you to transform the memory, making it a positive influence or remove the painful part so that you have the lesson but not the emotion.


Finding time where there is none

Not enough hours in the day? Not surprising, we all have too much to do and not enough time to do it. Time is a resource we all want more of. Through NLP you will learn how to create a new relationship with time so that you never feel as if you’ve run out. It will help you make your deadlines, plan projcts and truly enjoy your downtime, so that your not stressfully relaxing while still thinking about everything you ‘have to do’.


How to create your perfect future

Do you have something you’ve always wanted to do but never have? Of course you do, we all do. We all get in our own way and we don’t even know why. What if you could find the reason? Not just find it so that you now have a name for the mountain you have to climb. But also in finding it, simply got it out of the way so that you goal was no longer at the top of the mountain but just a few steps in front of you.


NLP can do this. You can bring your goals to your immediate future and achieve them without force or stress.

Why Choose this NLP Practitioner Training

Through this course you will have the chance to earn an internationally recognised qualification. You will be an NLP practitioner and be able to not just change your life but help all of those around you. And even if you don’t need to be a practitioner by completing this course you will be able to transform your world so that you can live the life you always imagined.


Unlike other training courses that are shorter, we are not just looking to teach you the basics. Those basics would probably leave you with the often mistaken notion that NLP is manipulative and not that effective. Because the same as you learn best from an English teacher that reads daily and passionately incorporates their knowledge into every day of their life. So to will you learn best from a course like this that is taught by those that are passionate about the information and truly use it every day themselves.


Our teachers are not just here to teach you enough to bring you back for more and keep you as the lesser student, they want to see you rise up and become a true practitioner of this craft. Unlike many others at the top of their fields, they want people to join them in their mastery, not remain by themselves at the top.

First Step:

We want to gift you with FREE information and coaching session with our trainer: Peter. We believe that to experience this transformation for yourself will always be the biggest recommendation. So click HERE to book into your FREE session.



About your Trainer Peter Thompson

Peter has always had a deep love of learning and discovering the human potential that can be realised from applying learning. After reading in The Centred Skier about the rapid learning possible from the application of Neurolinguistic Programming, he obtained accreditation in the Educational Applications of Generative Learning.


He then continued with certification as an NLP Master Practitioner and as an NLP Trainer through the International NLP Trainers Association. When Peter became a team leader of those creating the original Optus customer service training, he began employing the power of NLP in an organisational learning setting, bringing a precision and quality of result that was revolutionary.


For over 20 years he has brought his magic to training design and delivery in public and private organisations enabling them to evolve rapidly to meet the challenges pervading our modern culture. Occasionally, Peter is enticed away from his academic and corporate commitments to train others in Neurolinguistic Programming. He is aligned with the International Trainers Association whose programs are recognised around the world for their rigour and their inclusiveness of the classical contributions to NLP.


Peter extended his original science training into the realm of cognitive science when completing his research PhD on irrational beliefs. Part of his mission is to bring scientific underpinnings to the teaching and practice of NLP. With a continuing interest in stage skills and with a background that also includes professional performance, Peter’s presentation is dynamic, enthusiastic and engaging.



What People Say About Peter’s NLP trainings

I first experienced Peter Thompson’s wonderful training style at Optus in 1999 … Peter not only gave them a great insight into the application of NLP … but also have them fully engaged with his great sense of humour and magical use of metaphor. I wouldn’t recommend any other NLP Trainer more highly.

~ Kathy McKenzie, Director at FIREUP Coaching


Yes I have studied with other masters who have had a huge impact in the field but they are still light years away from my first trainer Peter Thompson. Everywhere I go on the world of NLP practitioners, in Europe, the UK, the US, India and even here at home in Australia, I’m asked how I got to be so skilled. Peter Thompson is the answer.

~ Deb Maes, The Leaders Coach at Imagine


NLP has changed the way I handle relationships at work. I am now far more comfortable working with people who perceive reality in a very different way from the way I do. I see this as a key skill when dealing with senior executives.

~ Nicole Shemtob, Executive Assistant


Before Peter’s training I was searching for understanding and something that would help me know what to do in so many areas of my life: work, family, relationships and mental health. I thoroughly tested every step with intent to dispute and found the strength of the NLP processes to be consistent and replicable. Peter particularly helped me become aware of how I create my “stuckedness” and was supportive of my determination to thoroughly “get it” – no matter how long it took. My life changed from being a hysterical emotional mess to now helping others learn these tools to become the master of their lives.

~ Barbara James


As a psychologist with over 15 years’ experience in counselling I am very excited to have had the opportunity to train in NLP Techniques. Using NLP techniques therapists are able to assist clients to overcome almost any issue including self-esteem and social problems, phobias and fears, mental ‘blocks’, unfulfilled potential, abuse issues, relationship problems, and career related problems to mention a few.

~ Helen Thompson, Registered Psychologist


NLP Practitioner Training enabled me to increase my communication and interpersonal skills, which resulted in an outstanding improvement in my personal business and in my corporate career.

~ David Moont, Leadership Consultant


Thanks, Peter. The personal transformation I have experienced from attending the NLP 1-3 units plus Practitioner’s course has been amazing. The weekends were fun, the pace lively and I met some wonderful like-minded people. The skills I have learnt have been helpful to me and friends and family I have “practised” on. In particular, I am comfortable in public speaking, I have been able to change the way I communicate with people and the NLP has opened my eyes to a different “map of the territory”. Thank you Peter, you are a star.

~ Rosemary Palmer, Australian College of Applied Psychology


Studying NLP has enabled me to move beyond my former habits of procrastination. Peter is masterful in his knowledge and presentation of the material. His classes provide a great balance between quality input, intriguing exercises and reflection. I highly recommend the experience.

~ Rob Donnelly, Nursing Administration, St. Vincent’s Hospital


Peter was very supportive and constructive feedback at appropriate times from him helped a lot. His flexibility, calibration skills and a well-formed outcome designed by him for us at our context imprinted a foot print. Thank you!

~ C. Sountharam, Australian College of Applied Psychology


Having completed my practitioner training 5 years ago I was ready for a refresher, however, I received much more than that. I discovered more depth and creativity in this (practitioner) training due to the skillful blending of Eriksonian language patterns and masterly use of visual posters to trigger the storage and retrieval of the learning. Re-discovering, consciously my learning strategy has assisted me enormously to keep the training fresh and in use daily. Big bonus was the fun atmosphere and the energy that generated. Many thanks!

~ Brenda Debenham, Telefriend President


People have all the resources they need. NLP offers a means for people to realise their resourcefulness. I like Peter’s attention to ecology and respect for where each individual is at in their journey of learning.

~ David Wilkes, Australian College of Applied Psychology


Free Session:


Remember we want to gift you with FREE information and coaching session with our trainer: Peter. We believe that to experience this transformation for your self will always be the biggest recommendation. So click HERE to book into your FREE session now.


Course Structure & Investment

To qualify for the International NLP Trainers Association (INLPTA) Practitioner level certification, there needs to be a minimum of 130 classroom hours.


Understanding principles of adult learning the way we do here, we know that to maximise integration and embodiment it’s best if the course is spread out over time rather than condensed into a few weeks. It’s also the best way to turn learning into being.


So we decided to offer the training meeting one weekend a month over the course of 10 months in 2017, in class from 10 am – 6 pm with breaks in a Sydney CBD location.


Pre-launch rate: $4,995 + GST paid in full OR 6 instalments of $1,197
Early bird rate: $5,995 + GST paid in full OR 6 instalments of $1,447
Regular rate: $6,995 + GST paid in full OR of 6 instalments of $1,697

Pre-launch enrolments also have their INLPTA assessment fee ($499) waived.


Click here to find the Enrolment Application, or if you just have some questions to start with, you can contact us HERE.


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enLIGHTen UP: Emotions

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