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SHINE Brighter With Our Programs

SHINE Brighter With Our Programs

Leadership Training

Excellence Coaching

Restorative Retreats

Are you looking for a leadership development program that combines mindfulness, soft skills training, and leadership coaching? Our leadership courses empower…

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Are you seeking a highly skilled lifestyle coach, or executive coach, with a holistic (mind-body-spirit) approach who knows the difference between coaching and mentoring?…

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Our personal growth retreats are primarily personal development retreats though they have been described as self-help retreats, spiritual retreats, & yoga retreats…

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enLIGHTen UP : Emotions

enLIGHTen UP: Emotions

Many people believe that we’re thinking beings that occasionally feel but the reality is we’re feeling beings that occasionally think. Life becomes much simpler and more enjoyable when we learn the language of the unconscious and understand what our emotions are communicating to us. Enter your email address below and we’ll send you the episode on Understanding Your Emotions.

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