Coaching for Personal Development

Once when I was catching up with someone who I had coached, he reminded me (as he often does) that I changed his life. My response in the past had always been dismissive.

“You changed your life,” I’d reply. “I just held the space.”

It was as if he had this beautiful orchard and was jumping up to try to get the apples one by one… blindfolded.

And I came along and witnessed him expending far more effort than necessary. I brought a ladder and a basket and I helped him pick those apples.

The apples that grew from the seeds he planted and the trees he watered; they were well and truly his apples. So it didn’t feel right when he credited them to me, just because he was in my presence when he discovered them. He grew them on his own, after all.

He simply hadn’t been using an effective strategy before I came along. And because I had similarly ineffective strategies before I had a quality coach grace my life, I could easily recognise them.

Many people – but especially those new to doing personal work with a coach – don’t understand that the gift a coach gives is enabling you access the fruits of your labours in a way you aren’t able to do on your own. We all have blind spots it’s simply impossible to be human and not.

In sharing the session with my coach, she pointed out to me that I didn’t fully appreciate the value of my contribution… He had been struggling and depressing himself before he began the Excellence Program. This was stark contrast to the ease, joy, and feeling of abundance that he experienced when I came along with my ladder, basket, perceptive eyes, and helpful hands.

I did change his life. And countless others. Only, I couldn’t see it before my coach illuminated it for me. Coaching is a brilliant tool to help anyone see themselves more clearly.

Having someone reflect back at you the role(s) you play from an unbiased perspective is important. Having someone to reframe situations and redirect your attention to other places is insightful.

Having someone to help you dig deep and tap into the underlying motivation beneath every goal is instrumental to growth. And most importantly, having someone believe in your brilliance no matter what, is a beautifully transformative experience. These are just a few of the things that Intrinsic Brilliance coaches offer.


If a man can control his mind he can find the way to Enlightenment, and all wisdom and virtue will naturally come to him.

~ Buddha

Coaching for Personal Development

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