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Ever wonder why some people succeed in designing miraculous lives and other struggle just to make it through the day? NLP is the study of how we create subjective experience and is important to learn if you want to create quality.
  • Never have another bad day.

    Understand your emotions and how to switch states from depression or anxiety so you can truly feel vibrant, expansive, and joyful.

  • Break free from cycles you once felt stuck in

    So your relationships, health, and wealth are enhanced and elevated.

  • Never have another awkward encounter…

    Transform social situations by building rapport quickly and connecting with people of all walks of life

  • Be better than your average manager.

    Become the leader you most admire by inspiring others towards causes you are passionate about and helping them access their own flow states.

  • Stop working so hard

    And start achieving the goals you set for yourself with ease (you’ll definitely still need to invest effort, but it won’t be “hard work” anymore).

  • Let go of stress and struggle

    And live the most epic life you can imagine.

The feedback was universally that Peter was able to stretch them, but also have them fully engaged
with his great sense of humour and magical use of metaphor. I wouldn’t recommend
any other NLP Trainer more highly.

I first experienced Peter Thompson’s wonderful training style at Optus in 1999 and there is no doubt he is one of the preeminent NLP Trainers in Australia. Recently I needed to upskill my facilitators who are all very experienced as part of ongoing professional development as an RTO. Peter not only gave them a great insight into the application of NLP in Training but also role models exceptional training skills. The feedback was universally that Peter was able to stretch them, but also have them fully engaged with his great sense of humour and magical use of metaphor. I wouldn’t recommend any other
NLP Trainer more highly.

– Kathy McKenzie, Director at FIREUP Coaching

I studied counselling and welfare courses but though interesting, they missed the mark.

Before Peter’s training I was searching for understanding and something that would help me know what to do in so many areas of my life: work, family,
relationships and mental health. I studied counselling and welfare courses but though interesting, they missed the mark. The breakthrough for me came from the word go. The meta model set me free from constantly trying to be perfect and fix everything. The Milton model allowed both my very logical and pragmatic mind and my latent creativity an amazing chance to explore ways that words can change and be changed in the perspectives of viewpoints. And it just continued from there. I thoroughly tested every step with intent to dispute and found the strength of the NLP processes to be consistent and replicable. Peter particularly helped me become aware of how I create my “stuckedness” and was supportive of my determination to thoroughly “get it” – no matter how long it took. My life changed from being a hysterical emotional mess to now helping others learn these tools to become the master of their lives.

– Barbara James, NLP Coach at ImagineMORE

Let’s face it: many people are unfulfilled and this affects all of us. Mental illness is now considered an epidemic and suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians 15-44. And because of the way our brains are wired, we cannot help but be affected by those around us. So why are we as a society creating such unpleasant experiences for ourselves?

Simply because we don’t know any better. Currently NLP is only learned and practiced by a small minority of people who want to surpass mediocrity and understand the science of how we create our experience of reality. They are successful entrepreneurs, skilled sales people, talented coaches and trainers, leaders, and people who know that more is available to them in life. They want to live a miraculous life and NLP offers them the roadmap to do that.

NLP offers a means for people to realise their resourcefulness.

People have all the resources they need. NLP offers a means for people to realise their resourcefulness. I like Peter’s attention to ecology and respect for where each individual is at in their journey of learning.

– David Wilkes, Australian College of Applied Psychology
NLP offers a means for people to realise their resourcefulness.

Studying NLP has enabled me to move beyond my former habits of procrastination. Peter is masterful in his knowledge and presentation of the material. His classes provide a great balance between quality input, intriguing exercises and reflection. I highly recommend the experience.

– Rob Donnelly, Nursing Administration, St. Vincent’s Hospital

Before Deb Maes learned NLP she said: “I didn’t understand my thinking. It felt random and out of my control. So obviously my emotions were all over the place. I had depression, anxiety, dyslexia, chronic fatigue, and my marriage was on the brink of collapse. I had already completed a Masters in Communication and I was sceptical about what I might gain from NLP that I didn’t already know. Man was I wrong! I didn’t know how much I didn’t know. So much changed when learned how to anchor in a resourceful state. Choosing to study NLP with Peter Thompson was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Everywhere I go on the world of NLP practitioners, in Europe, the UK, the US, India and even here at home in Australia, I’m asked how I got to be so skilled. Peter Thompson is the answer.

Now even people who are experienced and trained in coaching and mindset continue to ask ‘Please teach me how you do what you do.’ If Peter can do this with a feeble mind like mine, imagine what he can do with a mind like yours.

– Deb Maes, Director, ImagineMORE Excellence Coaching

When we know the structure of how we create experience, we create masterfully. Imagine a painter that attempts a landscape without learning about colour blending and brushstrokes. For some, it might look ok. For others it will look highly amateur. Still, no matter if the artist is average or skilled, learning technique can assist in becoming more exceptional.

When you learn and practice NLP you will:
  • Feel empowered.

    Increase your self-awareness and become more mindful of the thoughts in your head, and how they connect to your emotions and body posture.

  • Stop self-sabotaging.

    Increase your self-awareness and become more mindful of the thoughts in your head, and how they connect to your emotions and body posture.

  • Quit procrastinating.

    Increase your self-awareness and become more mindful of the thoughts in your head, and how they connect to your emotions and body posture.

  • Release emotional baggage.

    Discover highly effective processes for transforming past pain and trauma.

  • Cease awkward encounters.

    Connect and communicate with others better than you could have imagined.

It’s like being given a user’s operating manual to your mind! Now, we wouldn’t dare suggest that you will get all this mastery in one weekend intro course. That would be ridiculous, considering that the more we practice something, the more masterful we become. BUT, you absolutely can get a roadmap which has the key signposts for the skills that you can develop and a taste of what that experience is like.

Module 1: The Art & Science of Connecting & Communicating
Friday 24th March 6-9pm

We’ll begin the weekend by experiencing the secrets to building rapport quickly and easily so that we feel connected with our learning cohort and ready for the epic weekend that awaits.


Module 2: The Art & Science of Learning: Anchoring A Resourceful State
Saturday 25th March 9:30am-6pm (with 1 hr lunch break)

You know how when you feel energetic and focused you feel like you can do anything and the world is at your fingertips? We’ll anchor this state so that you can return to it whenever you want, like turning on a tap.


Module 3: The Art & Science of Succeeding: Crafting Compelling Goals
Sunday 26th March 9:30am-6pm (with 1 hr lunch break)

Learn and practice using the POSTURE model to create well-formed outcomes so that you cannot not bring your vision to life.

Why Study NLP with Peter Thompson?

Peter is an internationally-sought NLP Master Trainer known for his precision, humour, and facilitation skills. He completed his PhD in Cognitive Sciences and did his thesis on Irrational Beliefs. When he isn’t coaching individuals or contracting to large organisations, he works as an Instructional Design consultant for the Australian Institute of Training & Development and lectures in critical thinking at TAFE. He also dances ballet and tells awesome dad jokes. He loves ah-ha moments when people join dots they didn’t even know existed before that.

18 hours with learning expert Peter Thompson is enough to leave anyone feeling enriched and bubbling with new behaviours.
Don’t let your learning lead to knowledge. Let your learning lead to action.
– Jim Rohn

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Our 100% Satisfaction
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We know the quality of our learning programs are unparalleled and we want you to love them as much as the rest of our community does. If you’re not totally satisfied with the tools, techniques, and strategies you’ve learned by the end of the program, simply email us the day after and we’ll fully refund your investment. It’s that simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who would benefit most from attending?

A: This weekend Introduction is specifically designed for people who are:

– Curious about consciousness – how we create thoughts, feelings, experiences and invent our realities

– Feeling stuck or stressed in their current experience and want to reinvent reality

– Wanting to expand and grow personally and professionally

In short: if you are invested understanding yourself and bringing your dreams to life then this training is for you!

Q: If I don’t live in Sydney can I attend virtually?

A: This is not an online program. This training will be held live in Sydney at the Leela Centre in Darlinghurst. Because if the interactive nature of the training, its essential that you be physically in the room in order to put into practice your learning. If you don’t live locally in Sydney, it’s worth travelling for.

Q: What support is available after the weekend ends?

A: Peter is available for individual coaching sessions and there is a continued learning program for those interested in completing a full NLP Practitioner Certification. Because this training is so highly interactive, the connections and friendships you make will also support you as “goal buddies.”

Q: What if I’ve been to other NLP trainings?

A: Because NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience, it’s particularly sensitive to the skill of the facilitator. Peter has been practicing and teaching NLP since the 80s. At IBI, we are dedicated to offering only world-class trainings so if you’ve been exposed to NLP in the past and haven’t been impressed with it, know that was more a reflection of the practitioner than the tools.

Q: What if I’m sceptical?

A: Brilliant! Until you have experienced first-hand what is possible, it’s perfectly rational to be sceptical. There is no better opportunity than to learn from a scientist, because he will offer the brain-based why behind the what and how, which many NLP trainers are not so good at. So if you have heard various accounts of NLP’s effectiveness and want to experience it by learning from a scientist with a PhD in irrational beliefs, this is the perfect place to learn.

Q: What outcomes can I expect after attending?

A: Think of it like this: if you have garden and you spend a full weekend planting new seeds, pulling weeds, watering existing plants, mulching, etc. whilst learning from a world class gardener with a group of friends, how great will your garden look afterwards? Pretty amazing. That garden is your mind.

You will notice shifts in your experience from the first day. Your commitment to practicing them is what will determine whether you have slight changes or massive transformation. At the training you will learn what to calibrate to so you will have “muscle memory” of resourceful states. Your job is to continue maintaining it (and we can help you with that too).

Q: Is there a special rate for couples?

A: Yes. We love it when partners enrol together – it reveals a shared commitment to growth. We reward this with a couples rate of $995 (a collective savings of $195).

I’m Ready

Friday 24 March 2017 6-9pm
Saturday 25 March 2017 9:30am – 6pm
Sunday 26 March 2017 9:30am – 6pm
Leela Centre
113-115 Oxford Street (Corner of Crown Street), Darlinghurst NSW 2010

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