Storytelling Workshop

I’m having a meeting with the scriptwriter, producer and director about the film of my life.

We want to write a heroic movie but with a sense of humor to balance it out. There are challenges but they are all seen as growth levers to accomplishment, achievement, and fulfillment. Our protagonist is now on a quest for stability and growth, so no more plot twisters.

There is a need for change: so far we have been creating a series of scary films, and we are just not interested in that. It does not excite me, and it’s not what I want to create in the world.

Now, I understand that we have quite a bit of uncertainty on our hands, that’s fine. But this is the movie you have to see to believe that everything is possible and to learn that from uncertainty and adversity comes tremendous, exponential growth. By taking baby steps, and adding a dash of creativity, the pursuit of a meaningful, fulfilling life with happiness, passion and a sense of purpose arises. Let’s work on this.

Let’s begin to veto: sad stories, stories of death and desperation. We want happy, intelligent, clever, grown-up scenes of love, and creativity.

I think you guys have been using fear as your driver when writing the script. Now I want you to think about love and the possibilities that it creates. We want to write something uplifting and remarkable and full of gratitude, appreciation and possibility.

GRATITUDE, APPRECIATION, and an immense drive to create possibilities. To carve out paths, to see paths where others don’t see them. I want an uplifting movie with love and possibility.

I know you guys can do it. It’s very important that you do. Where stress is reinterpreted as energy and possibility and a fire to create something grand.

If you’re ready to write your story of exponential growth, purpose and happiness, join the writer’s room!

When: Saturday December 3rd 1:30pm – 4:30pm

Where: Hub Sydney (101 William Street, Darlinghurst)

Investment: $150

enLIGHTen UP : Emotions

enLIGHTen UP: Emotions

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