Can I start the program whenever I want?

We have one intake per month, typically on the 15th. However if you want to join for our next intake you’ll get a 50% off your whole year.

Is there a shorter version? I want change now.

The program was specifically designed to be a year so that it integrates into your life. This means that not only will you have deep internal change but also it will last. Your new thoughts and new actions will need time to take root, that’s why it’s a year program.

The good news is you will start to feel significant change and shifts in your life almost immediately.

Where does the program take place?

Wherever you are. That is where this program happens. You’ll be emailed your weekly focus sheet and you can dial into your call from anywhere in the world at a local call rate so no matter what is going on in your life you can do this program.

What if I change my mind?

We have a 30 day guarantee. If you do your focus sheets and dial into all the calls you’re not absolutely loving how easy it is to implement and integrate into your life, and delighted with your improvement, we’ll refund your money in full.

Why does this program require so little time and effort?

It may seem like a focus sheet and a call a week is not that much work. But we’ve written these focus sheets to communicate with your subconscious and help you change deeply. The point is it shouldn’t be laborious. It’s like the grain of rice that tips the scales. We will slowly layer new ideas and invite you to try on new beliefs so that rather than feeling like change is hard work, it happens easily and organically.

What if I’m bad at this?

No one can be bad self awareness and personal inquiry, which is what this program facilitates. It helps you to figure out why you might get in your own way, not get what you want, not be who you want. And because no one knows you better then you, you will be awesome at it.

What if I change and I don’t like who I become?

Well then you can change back. We’re here to help you change, grow and become whatever you want. If it turns out that you don’t want to change or you don’t like the person you become you now have the option to consciously revert to your previous way of being. And you have something valuable you didn’t have before: new experience and insight about yourself.

What if I don’t have the funds right now?

The irony of quality personal development programs is that often when we need it most – those seasons in our lives when we are stressed, stuck, and struggling – that’s often when it’s the least accessible. We’ve been there too and that’s one of the reasons we are so incredibly passionate about making quality brain training available at a no-brainer price point.

At $49.50 per week, if you really want change in your life, you will find a way to access the funds. So we humbly invite you to consider, what’s the cost of NOT doing this for yourself?

How will I find the time to do this if I am already overloaded and overwhelmed?

People often consider time like pieces of pie. A big slice for work, slightly smaller for friends and family, a sliver for sleeping, etc. And this is a mistaken concept. We invite you to think of time as the pie tin itself. The Excellence Program: Your Success Code is you upgrading your pie tin – your capacity. This means you get to have even more pie!

Previous alumni regularly say they have more energy and get more done in less time. Four weeks into his program, one business owner confessed that what used to take him a fully day now only took him two hours. The results are real and rather than take our word for it, we’d love you to experience them yourself.

How does this this program compare to others out there?

There are weekend seminars promising Excellence & Success and whilst they are great at opening your mind to the concepts, they just don’t allow time and space for integration. And that’s why their effects are short lasting. And there are other training programs on the market that cost $5K+ for just three months and they often don’t have any live support, so if you get stuck, you’re on your own.

There’s nothing else like the Excellence Program: Your Success Code in terms of how comprehensive the curriculum is, how simple and easily it can be implemented, and how affordable it is. The live coaching calls every week, and the supportive online community all make this program one of a kind.

What if I’m still uncertain if this is the right choice for me?

Let’s have a chat to see if we can help you clarify what you truly want and if/how this program can assist you. It might not be right for you right now… OR, that could just be the voice of self-doubt and fear. We’ll partner with you to figure out which.

Just to be really clear: this isn’t a sales conversation. We want to support people who know they want to learn and apply the tools to create transformation in their lives. If that isn’t you, that’s ok. But if it is, and you still have some questions about us, the process, or anything else applicable, let’s just have a quick 10 minute chat so we can answer them for you.

Email smile@intrinsicbrilliance.com.au and put Q&A time in the subject line and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

enLIGHTen UP : Emotions

enLIGHTen UP: Emotions

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