Discover the Blueprint to Be Your Best

The hard way is NOT the only way. Nobody needs struggle. YOU definitely don’t need to struggle.

You currently possess the most sophisticated software and hardware in the whole universe. You’ve just not yet learned how to use it, and that can change – if you
want it to. Because the knowledge is already available right now.

Neuroscience, positive psychology, and personal
development approaches all offer us tools to utilise our brains to achieve consistent excellent results.

I have made more progress this year, both personal and professional, than the past 5 years combined.

-Bryan Saba

If you look back on this past year and find you wish a whole lot more had changed, then this program will help speed up the change you seek.

Whether your specific goals are related to finances, fitness, relationships, career or any other outcome, the Your Success Code is designed to take you from where you are to where you want to go.

Many are tired of struggling to create change the hard way and want the change to flow with more ease. We get that. Highly successful and effective people get that.

And we know it can be easier. Your Success Code provides the framework to create change from the inside out because when you change so too does your life.

Sound too good to be true? Great. Because we love sceptics, people who like to experiment and test things out. People who are weary of the one size fits all approach of other programs and want a personal roadmap to their own personal success. Because when you test these tools, you’ll impress yourself with your results.

I was worried about wasting my money and I had no idea what to expect… In just a few months, my mindset completely transformed.

– Abigail Ireland

Your Success Code utilises your natural innate abilities to rewire your brain to your advantage so the change results from a simple step by step process that anyone anywhere can follow.

Unlike many programs that aim to adjust habits and superficial behaviours (which is a whole lot of work with very limited results), the Your Success Code is designed to communicate directly with your subconscious to create long lasting and profound change.

This creates happiness, health, and success without the laborious willpower you may be used to.

When we change our minds, our behaviours naturally change and that is the outcome of this program.

Are you tired at the end of the day?

Do you get annoyed or frustrated when the day doesn’t go to plan?

Is it ever difficult getting others to understand your message?

If you said yes to any of these things, you’ll benefit from Your Success Code.

You see, most people have a backwards notion of success and happiness. They think they’ll be happy when they are successful, when in fact, the data show that we are more successful when we are happy.

According to one of the world’s leading Happiness Experts Shawn Achor “Your brain at positive is 31% more productive than your brain at negative, neutral or stressed. And you’re 37% better at sales.”

We train your brain to pay attention to how you’re feeling as you navigate through your days so you can create the outcomes you desire.

Learn more from
Stephanie Cameron,
CEO East West EnviroAg

Every week for 50 weeks you will be emailed a Focus Sheet. It takes a maximum of 10 minutes to read and then your only job is to keep it in your mind as you go about your week. It may not seem like a lot of effort or time but you will notice
significant changes.

We then invite you to participate in Life Labs, our group coaching calls that give you a chance to express what you’ve learned and hear from others under the guidance of the program facilitators. This chance to share and listen will help to further integrate the changes you have already noticed strengthen the new ways of being that you are building.

You’ll find you have more time, more energy and more love and compassion. Operating in your day-to-day life will become a more enjoyable experience in which the goals you set will come rushing to meet you with a sense of ease.

Seeing as it only requires such a small amount of your time and very little financial commitment it may be hard for you to believe that you will experience the incredible and significant life changes we’re talking about, so let’s hear from some others who have participated in the program.

– Gwen Cooke, Accountant

I used to always compare myself to others, always trying to ‘get it right’, always trying to work out what was wrong with me. That kind analysing was not helpful. The Excellence program created a big change in my thinking, and yet it was simple at the same time – it shifted my thinking from analysing and performing to learning and exploring. My new calm confidence has made me so much more productive – I’m getting four times my work done – working for myself, that is a great return on investment.

During the Excellence coaching program I felt that “life” has got easier and more enjoyable and I do feel more holistically confident with who I am and where my life is going. It gave me the tools to come to a better place of acceptance with myself and definitely feel more present. The major life overhaul has happened and I am grateful for it.

Now I feel more present with what life has to offer me. I live an existence now in which I go to sleep at night and feel content with what the day has offered me. I feel healthier and more awake and more true to who I am and what I want out of life. I’m excited about evolving the skills I learnt on this course to.

– Lisa Gray

– Michelle Mathieson,
RoughSilk Designer

The focus sheets and sessions help you to examine the way you think and they ‘train’ your brain to work in a more effective way. They help you to discover strategies to create a better ‘state’ of mind and and a better ‘you’. I have been a student of the Excellence Programme for 10 weeks now, so I’m a quarter into the course. Each focus sheet has been fascinating and invaluable. I already feel more positive, calm, focused and confident. When I feel myself spiralling into negative thought patterns I know what to do. It’s already working and I still have so much more to learn!

As someone who has struggled with depression and anxiety issues for my entire adult life – I had tried EVERYTHING… antidepressants, antipsychotics, therapy from counselling, a stay in a psychiatric facility. None of this helped or if it did it lasted only a short while. Deciding to start the excellence program was easy, there was no pressure as it consisted of taking 5 mins from my day reading a focus sheet and putting this into practice. I am now able to work successfully and live life happy. As someone who has tried everything available for 15yrs to cure my mental health issues I can honestly and gratefully say that this program IS what saved me and IS what works, I encourage you to try it for yourself.

– Mandy Berthaly,
Childcare Professional

– Bec Smith,
Buyer’s Agent

…I have discovered what it feels like to have a fuller sense of self. The freedom and greatness of what it feels like to be truly authentic and the peace that comes with honouring my higher self. Instead of loathing certain parts of me, my flaws, past actions, past traumas… I am now understanding and embracing the yin and the yang that makes me whole, balanced and complete. I have found my soul’s equilibrium. It’s helped me find my magic.

Can Anyone Change?

For those of you who are still thinking that it’s too good to be true or that this program isn’t for you consider Diana. As a
typical modern girl, she was sceptical, worried about wasting her time and very hesitant to give the program a chance.

When I started the Program a month ago I was full of doubt. What if I’m not capable of change? What if this is one more thing I engage with that leads to nowhere? Or worse yet, what if I change and I don’t like who I become? All of these were quickly answered: everyone is capable of change, you can’t go nowhere because you’re always somewhere and you can always change back.

The biggest question was though: what if I am capable of change? What if I can have what I want; what if I can know what I want; what if the only thing in my way is me?

During the first four weeks of the course I have found myself initiating changes that I have often desired in the past. Previously these things have been from a place of effort. I wanted to improve me and change me. Eat healthier, be kinder, be more proactive. But now I assume that I cannot be improved upon.

It’s interesting to wake up in the morning and want to eat healthy, want to exercise because it makes you feel good and nourishes your body. This is such a different feeling than thinking that you ought to be healthy and eating well and exercise are the things you’re supposed to do to get there.

The actions didn’t even have to change, only the energy behind them. This is what I’ve learned in my first month of the Program: that I can change my mind through this process and allow myself to be exactly what I’ve always wanted to be without having to slave in effort and action. Because when I truly change my mind, I have transformed.

Find the full story here.

Your Success Code will help you:

And it all takes place in a wonderfully supportive community.

Who are the brains behind this operation?

Your Success Code was developed in collaboration between two Transformational Brain Trainers and coaches: Deb Maes from
ImagineMORE Excellence Coaching and Divya Darling from the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute.
It’s the culmination of decades of research and seeing the patterns in the challenges we humans face from 10,000+ coaching sessions.

So how EXACTLY does it work?

Every Sunday you will be sent your Focus of the Week. This will take you ten minutes to read (or you can choose to listen to the audio recording if you prefer) and set you up with a thought to keep in mind throughout the week.

Then a few times a week we have Life Labs calls – your chance to dial in and talk about what you’re experiencing and find support from others
and your coach.

As the work is done in your own time and you can dial in from anywhere at a local call rate, anyone anywhere in the world can

The year-long program is divided into 7 sections:

1. Clarity about what you want

Cultivating a Directed Mindset – Your Brochures

Before we embark on any journey, we must first decide – CHOOSE – to go somewhere. Decision making is an internal process. The Focus Sheets in this module will assist you with cultivating a focused and directed mindset that will inevitably yield success. Here you will clarify and crystalise what you truly want to experience and develop the essential skills to create it most effectively.

2. Physical Peak Performance: increased energy and vitality

Maintaining Your Body – Your Backpack

Your body is the vehicle you use for all your travels through life. Learn how to look after your body in the way it most needs. Rather than sorting through all the conflicting information on the internet and just blindly adopting what experts say, the Focus Sheets in this module will help you discover how to take care of your body so that can support you in the journey that you’ve chosen.

3. The path from Point A to B so you know exactly which actions to take and in what order

Charting the Course – Your Sat Nav

With Satellite Navigation (also known as Global Positioning System – GPS) you only need 2 pieces of information: where you are and where you want to go. The system takes care of the rest. These Focus Sheets train you to use the software that you maybe didn’t know your brain already has. This framework for crafting compelling goals will help you chart the course from where you are to where you deeply desire to be.

4. The ability to get back up, no matter how often you get knocked back down

Building Resilience – Your All-Weather Jacket

No matter destination or mode of travel, even the most experienced traveller knows that obstacles inevitably arise. Resilience is the weatherproof jacket that protects you in all conditions. The Focus Sheets in this module are dedicated to helping you become impenetrable.

5. How to inspire anyone to love you

Creating Connections – Your Universal Translator

Rapport is the language we all speak at an unconscious level. It’s the intergalactic translator that enables you to communicate with anyone anywhere. These Focus Sheets are about learning to speak this non-verbal language skillfully and deliberately.

6. How to communicate in a way to get yourself and others fully onboard with your plan

Influencing Skillfully – Your Currencies

Life is a game that can be played skillfully and enjoyed immensely when we understand the strategy of influencing ourselves and others. The Focus Sheets in this module bring awareness to the impact language has and offers specific strategies we can use for winning communication. Precision of language not only enables us to engage and entertain, it also helps us lead them where we’d like them to go.

7. How to diffuse resistance in yourself and others

Breaking Through Barriers – Your Universal Passport

Imagine having a Universal Passport to get you into all the best places you want to go. The questions we ask are either the code to open the doors or lock us out of the spaces we desire. The Focus Sheets in this module train your brain on how to ask quality questions so you can break through any barrier.

Why this amazing 2 for 1 offer for such a relatively small investment?

Our next intake is 27th July. It’s your chance to go through the program with peers that are in the same stage. This intake will include

a 50% discount of the full year of the program when you join with a friend. That’s over $2000 in savings just by signing up before 15th July with a friend.

You might be wondering what our motives are. Well, we’re pretty transparent about it so here are the reasons we decided to create this 2for1 special offer:

  • We’re super passionate about making quality brain training available at a no-brainer price.
  • When you share the program with your network, you help us extend our community and serve more people, so we can actually afford to do #1.
  • We want you to get the most out of this program and research shows you increase your commitment by enrolling with a buddy.

This is a year long program and you can choose to pay for it in full, or you have the option to pay monthly or weekly.

We’re so sure that our program will deliver you the results that you want that we offer a 30 day risk free trial. Do your Focus Sheets and join us in our Life Labs for 4 weeks, and if you’re not fully satisfied with the transformations you’re seeing, we’ll happily cancel your program and refund your money.

If like our case study Diana you still have more concerns you can read our FAQ page here. And if you have any questions now, or throughout the program you can email us at smile@intrinsicbrillance.com.au

We’re here to support you in your journey to the new you and we want to help so feel welcome to reach out.

Enrol in the program before 27th July with a friend and
automatically receive a 50% discount off the whole year.

Register Interest: If you’re considering the program but
would like a bit more information or the chance to talk to
someone please let us know.

Learn More: If you want to read more about others experi-
ences in the program and get more details then click here.

enLIGHTen UP : Emotions

enLIGHTen UP: Emotions

Many people believe that we’re thinking beings that occasionally feel but the reality is we’re feeling beings that occasionally think. Life becomes much simpler and more enjoyable when we learn the language of the unconscious and understand what our emotions are communicating to us. Enter your email address below and we’ll send you the episode on Understanding Your Emotions.

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